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U.S. Subscription Overview

The U.S. TRU Insights Program fully connects clients to teens and twenty-somethings through multiple integrated deliverables. As the world's most subscribed-to youth syndicated-research offering, it provides the preeminent vantage point from which to deeply understand the ever-changing terrain of youth.

Subscription Snapshot

Purpose: To offer our clients the deepest, most current insights and thought leadership to help them succeed in today's ultra-competitive youth market, supported by the most robust data on U.S. teens and twenty-somethings.

Deliverables: A subscription provides four integrated deliverables that together provide a total solution for connecting with Millennials:


  1. The TRU Study, the anchor of the program, is released twice yearly. It's the most comprehensive study ever of U.S. teens and twenty-somethings
  2. The TRU Presentation, an annual in-person thought-leadership presentation at your site
  3. TRU View®, our twice-monthly emailed trend + insights report
  4. TRU Reports, quarterly insights-led deep-dive mini-reports into emerging trends and critical client issues.


Frequency: Two releases during the year: A comprehensive wave in the Fall and a strategic update in Spring.

Sample Size + Composition:
2,000 teens (12-19) + 2,000 twenty-somethings (21-29) each wave; total annual sample: 8,000 (4,000 teens + 4,000 twenty-somethings). Nationally representative of the U.S. population in terms of age, gender, ethnicity and region.

Lifestyles, attitudes, values, trends, media, products, and brand usage.

The teen version of The TRU Study was launched in 1983; the twenty-something version in 2007.

Fielded online; sample pre- and post-stratified to statistically balance to current Census data and projections. Pre-developmental and post-fielding qualitative research to inform questionnaire and analysis.

Special Analyses:
TRU Value Monitor™; TRU*Scores; Favorite Brand Meter™; TRU's Trend Arc™

Third-Party Data Access:
Available through IMS, Telmar, New Age, and mTab (through TRU’s client portal)

Extras: Proprietary Questions, Custom Tabulations, Consulting, Facilitated Brainstorming and Activation Sessions, Additional Presentations, Custom Analysis

Who Subscribes:
More than 125 of the world's leading brands


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