Custom Research


Custom Research

TRU's understanding of tweens, teens, and twenty-somethings is unparalleled. Our experience and insights benefit clients by bringing invaluable context in designing, conducting, analyzing, and presenting custom-research projects.

At our heart, we're a strategic consultancy with research as our medium. Our custom-research capabilities cross international borders, blend research methodologies, and deliver breakthrough insights that transform businesses.

We've developed—and continue to evolve—specialized methods and techniques for bringing our clients the deepest, most meaningful insights about young people. Our team of experts—including youth-specialist moderators, experienced analysts and strategists, and even on-staff videographers—will help you and your team discern on-target learnings, generate relevant implications, and communicate it all with energy, creativity, and clarity.

When it comes to the teen market, TRU is the master, the foremost authority.
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