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TRU is the global leader in youth research and insights, focusing on tweens, teens and twenty-somethings. For more than 25 years, we've provided the insights that have helped many of the world's most successful companies and organizations develop meaningful connections with young people. Our work has led to the development of countless new products, groundbreaking marketing campaigns, and flourishing brands.

TRU pioneered the field of youth research. More importantly, we continue to innovate. We're at the forefront of developing new and better methods for researching young people and sharing those insights with clients.

The vision TRU established in 1982 continues to guide us today: To provide an unparalleled expertise in the youth market and to offer our clients virtually unlimited methods for thoroughly researching and understanding tweens, teens, and twenty-somethings. Notably, TRU's approach is unfailingly strategic, delivering insight that drives our clients' understanding as it builds their businesses. Consistent with this approach, TRU is frequently called in to be strategic consultants on, and architects of, clients' youth-marketing efforts.

The TRU Insights Program, our flagship syndicated offering, is now global, covering teens across five continents and 40 markets. The U.S. Insights Program covers twenty-somethings in addition to teens.

Last year alone, we conducted nearly 1,000 qualitative-research sessions in addition to many quantitative studies. To date, we've interviewed nearly two million tweens, teens, and twenty-somethings worldwide!

As an advocate for young people, TRU has provided critical direction for many of the nation’s most prominent and successful social-marketing campaigns, helping to keep young people safe and healthy. Our work has made a difference – from being put to use at the grass-roots level to being presented at the very highest levels of government.

TRU was acquired in 2007 by WPP and Kantar and has merged with The Futures Company.

TRU is our lifeline to this market.
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